Wildfire 4-in-1 Pleasure Oil 100ml Bottle (Original)

100% Natural – Infused with herbal aphrodisiacs and essential oils. Safe for use on all intimate and sensitive areas providing complete peace of mind. The aprhodisiacs increase sexual desire and performance.

Heightens Arousal as it penetrates the skin. Intensifies Touch and enhances intimacy. Ultimate Relaxation from the calming romantic scent. Feed moisture and nutrients back into the skin.

Wildfire is an excuse to come together, to be intimate with your partner and rediscover your love life all over again. Enhance your relationship and expand your passion for life by taking the time to re-connect and fuel your fantasies. Fabulous for every woman, from the young to the young at heart who want to regain their sex lives.

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Wildfire 4-in-1 Pleasure Oil 100ml Bottle (Original)

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