Mr Consistent Cocktail Range - Sours, Cosmo and Margarita Mix
** PURCHASE ANY TWO BOTTLES AND RECEIVE A FREE PRETTY LOVE VIBRATOR! ** Introducing the Mr Consistent Range! Premium cocktails handcrafted in Queensland! Just add your favourite alcohol and shake for 30 seconds and you will have a delicious cocktail fit for any event! Now is the time to have that boozy night with the girls and perfect your cocktail making skills! SOURS Sweet and Sour! The Sours mix holds impeccably balanced citrus flavours that assists in enhancing the palate of the booze you decide to pair it with! Don’t forget, The Sours mix is also vegan and made using aquafaba, which means no egg but still holds all the froth! Best Paired With: Amaretto, Whiskey or Spiced Rum! COSMO The almighty Cosmo; Need I say more? Born and bred in the bars of Manhattan, perfected by Mr Consistent! Everyone knows their way around a Cosmo. This delicious number is packed with the sweet flavours of cranberry blended with the fresh delight of orange and citrus. Perfect for any glamorous occasion while living your best Carrie Bradshaw moment! MARGARITA The cocktail that everyone knows and loves! Everyone has a story with a margarita, and a particular way of serving or drinking it! Whether it be on the rocks, or shaken and strained; This refreshingly zingy, citrus bomb of a cocktail has made its name as the party starter! Best Paired With: Tequila (Blanco or Reposado), Mezcal, or Flavoured Tequila! SERVES 10!
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Mr Consistent Cocktail Range - Sours, Cosmo and Margarita Mix

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