Evolved Summer Lovin

This ground breaking vibrator delivers two new sensations that are guaranteed to drive you over the edge! First, it's shaft is made from tufted, silky soft silicone which feels lifelike and supple the way it yields to your body, and second, it warms from the inside!

With thermal regulation technology, the vibrator heats up fast to body temperature to give you an even more 'true' experience!

A plastic cover for the vibe protects the silicone tufts, and doubles as a second sleeve which you can use for a different sensation.

• Made from unique tufted silicone material
• Ground breaking heated and tufted shaft
• Life-like experience with supple texture and body temperature material
• Thermal regulation system technology heats up in 1 minute
• Warmest point reached at 3 mins
• Heat temperature ranges between 40 - 42 degrees Celsius
• at 42 degrees Celsius temperature remains constant
• 8 powerful vibrating functions
• ABS plastic cover protects tufted silicone and doubles as a second sleeve for a different experience
• 7.5" in length, 5.25" insertable length, 1" wide
• Rechargeable with USB cable
• Latex and Phthalate free material

  • Item #: WW013

Evolved Summer Lovin

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